Portrait Session + Professional Retouching | Mesquite Maternity Photographer

What's included in my session fee?

Almost every client that contacts me wants to know what is included in the session fee. Every portrait session with Amber Balous Photography includes the time spent during the portrait session (usually an hour to an hour and a half) and the time and talent of the photographer. I've had so many questions asking what exactly the "talent" of the photographer means. 

After our portrait session, I look through every image that we've taken and pick the best of the bunch. A full gallery contains 20-30 images. Each picture is hand edited. I don't use any actions or presets during editing. There is no easy button to perfect each image. It's taken extensive training in Photoshop to learn how to turn your images from nice to GORGEOUS. Each image that is selected to go in the gallery goes through my quality review and editing process. I've included a time lapse video that shows exactly what goes into editing one image. Multiply that time by 30 and you'll see just how time consuming this process can be. ;)

Final product - before and after 

This level of detail goes into every session that I shoot and edit. Retouching the images is one of my favorite parts of our session. 

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